Moveway Transfer & Storage Inc. has been in the moving and storage

business since April of 1987. We currently service a number of

corporate clients in the tri-state area representing a wide variety of


Moveway operates one of the most modern warehouse facilities.

Fully computerized and a climate controlled executive headquarters

play an important role in assuring you ready access to all

equipment, manpower and materials essential to the smooth and

uninterrupted flow of any commercial, record storage, and/or

relocation projects.

Moveway is located at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge on Concord Street,

in Brooklyn.

Moveway Transfer & Storage
180 Concord St., Brooklyn NY 11201
Tel: 718-852-8505 • Fax: 718-852-8591

In recent years we have added record storage and messenger services

to our facilities. We are very diversified and continue to look into

new ideas to better serve our clients.

Moveway is committed to providing the highest quality performance for

our clients. We have earned our reputation as a service organization

by applying the highest professionalism and responsiveness when

serving our clients’ changing needs.

Moveway delivers cost-effective results through a reliable service that

is direct and personalized. We produce value for our clients by following

two objectives:

1. Making your job easier by supporting your employees fully

through a difficult transition.

2. Reducing your costs to a minimum.

The first objective, which is service quality, is met by hiring capable

people, training them properly and providing the tools for them to

perform at a consistently high level.

The second, cost control, results from a careful balance between highly

developed systems and controls, tailored to your company’s needs.