1. CARTONS — All articles should be in cartons provided by Moveway. Be sure all cartons are properly assembled. Leave a two inch ( 2") space at the top of each carton. Do not close the top of the cartons with tape (unless specified under separate cover) fan fold the top flaps or as some call it, “criss-cross” the top flaps. The mover has special cartons and boxes available for electronic equipment, bulk supplies, lamps and other breakables. If you require special boxes or packing service, or if you need special security on particular equipment or records, ask your Manager and Move Coordinator to advise us of your needs.

2. PERSONAL ITEMS — The mover cannot be responsible for personal possessions, such as money, lighters, fountain pens, etc. For your own protection, we suggest that you move these items privately. If you need special containers, ask your Move Coordinator.

3. ALL OFFICE FURNITURE — Desks, all file cabinets, file drawers, and work surface drawers, should be emptied and secured in cartons. (Refer to B-1 & B-7.) Again, all contents must be packed seperately.

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4. LOOSE ITEMS IMPORTANT — Steel paper clips, pencils, and all other loose materials should be put in envelopes, sealed, then packed in cartons. Any glass tops or pads should be left on top of the desks for Moveway.

5. KEYS — Tape desk keys to the interior of the center drawer. Leave all drawers unlocked. Tape file cabinet keys to the top of the file cabinets with masking tape and “criss-cross” the tape across the keys (X).

6. SECURITY and CONFIDENTIAL FILES — Security files are confidential files, finance records, blank checks, personnel records etc. These files are generally kept in fire proof safe file cabinets or kept under lock and key. These cabinets will be moved with their contents intact with the file cabinet. Keys should be carried seperately or turned over to your Security Manager.

7. FILE CABINETS AND FILE DRAWERS — Lateral file cabinets must have contents removed. These file cabinets cannot be moved with their contents intact because there is often structural damage to this type of cabinet. (Except with an in house move where either Piano-Moving-Jacks, Rolla-Lifts or Rais-N-Rols are used; even then there still could be damage to the side panels or under carriage).

Vertical file cabinets can be moved with contents intact. If you have special or sensitive records in these cabinets, notify your Move Coordinator. These files will be handled under separate cover (refer to B-6).

— (Blue print Files or Art Work) These files are to be emptied. There are too many problems moving this type of file cabinet with the contents intact. Yes we know, there are some who will say they can move these cabinet with contents intact! Nine times out of ten either the file drawers will be dumped or there will be damage to the cabinet as well as to some of the contents.

9. OFFICE MACHINES — Typewriters, large calculators and computers with their peripheral equipment (printers, modem, etc.) and any special type of machines will not be packed in cartons; they will be moved on special carts or in special containers by Moveway. Small hand held and desk top calculators can be packed in cartons. All machines must be disconnected and their cords packed in cartons. (Refer to B-13) ‘How to Package.’

10. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE ANY OFFICE MACHINES TO BE PLACED IN CARTONS. Unless supervised by, or instructed by your move coordinator.

11. BOOKCASES, DISPLAYS, etc. — Remove all contents and pack in cartons.

12. PICTURES, MAPS, and BULLETIN BOARDS — Remove these items from the wall. Tag each piece according to the "Label Placement instruction sheet"; place them on end, back-to-back in cartons. If the item does not fit in a carton, lean it against the wall and the mover will take it from there. Consolidate small pictures in cartons cushioned with packing material.

13. SPECIAL EQUIPMENT — Professional servicing will be provided for such equipment as the copy machine, Facsimile machine, Mail Room machines, etc. and will be handled by the Move Coordinator with special advice.

14. PLANTS — Plants owned by the office will be moved by Moveway or by the Plant Company. Personal plants cannot be moved by Moveway. It is advised that each person remove these plants from the building prior to the move.

15. TELEPHONES — Telephones will be handled by the
Telephone Company/Telecommunication personnel.

a. Desk Trays — Empty papers and pack trays in correctly marked cartons.
b. Odds and Ends — Pack desk clocks, calendars, rubber stamps, bookends, etc. in cartons. If special packing is required, notify the Move Coordinator.