Moveway has developed a total Relocation Management Program which is based on information that our clients supply and Moveway puts in motion to achieve a smooth, speedy and cost-effective transfer of your operation(s).

The main objectives of the program as reflected in our proposal are as follows:

CLIENT SUPPORT — We administer your relocation project with a solution-oriented approach that removes current problems and prevents future ones.

TRANSFERAL SATISFACTION — We satisfy the needs of transferring employees in order to sustain productivity, enhance the perception of the relocation, and minimize potential employee resistance and/or concerns.

PROGRAM INNOVATION — By designing and implementing new programs, we are able to minimize costs. Moveway continues to pioneer innovations in the services offered and in the effectiveness of our delivery.

CONTROL TECHNIQUES — Moveway, in conjunction with a representative from your company, will use your blueprints to develop a customized system to get the job done. This system is designed according to your specific needs.

POLICY CONSULTATION — By keeping the relocation program state-of-the-art through innovative strategies and programs that respond to changing industry issues, your Account Executive becomes an advocate for assuring the effectiveness of your program, maintaining its consistency, and presenting appropriate enhancements.

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate our Relocation Management capabilities to you. One of our representatives can visit the site and work up an estimate as well as inform you about other services.

Call us at (718) 852-8505 or (212) 979-9699. Or e-mail your questions to